1Berkshires - New Job portal

Posted 7.25.18

1Berkshires Job Portal

As many of you know, the jobs thing, the new job portal at 1Berkshire, officially launched this month. To date, they have had a soft launch of the portal. By doing this they have been able to gain traffic and momentum prior to doing a big marketing push. Even with only a moderate amount of marketing, they have already seen over 1500 folks checking out the jobs thing. This is promising, but now they want to go viral!

Starting July 25th, they will be pushing out the jobs thing on all 1Berkshire social media platforms. Their goal with a social media blitz is to get in front as many people as possible to really launch the activity of the jobs thing, both throughout the county and beyond.  We really think the jobs thing has immense potential for being an incredible workforce development tool here in the Berkshires.

Sharing the jobs thing on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter may seem like a small thing, but collectively it adds up to a true social media campaign. Share this link: www.1berkshire.com/jobs/