2019-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) – REQUEST FOR INPUT

Posted 1.8.18

BRPC is beginning the process of developing the next TIP for Berkshire County.  The TIP is a prioritized list of transportation projects that are expected to be built over the next several years and this document is a prerequisite to receive federal funding for highways, bridges and transit projects.  This request seeks your assistance in providing us information on the scope and status of your projects to be considered in the updated TIP as well as updated project cost estimates.

For your reference, a copy of the current 2018-2022 TIP listing by town is attached.  Projects with a question mark in the “YR” column are TIP candidates that were not programmed for funding within the five-year period of the current TIP but were considered active enough to be listed as “supplemental” (non-funded) projects for informational purposes.  Projects for which local communities or private organizations are responsible for design and right-of-way are indicated with “CITY”, “TOWN” or “AGENCY” in the “LEAD” column. 

Projects with six-digit ID numbers in the far-right column have been designated by MassDOT’s Project Review Committee (PRC) as federal-aid eligible design projects and will be actively considered for advancement. 

Projects with ID numbers beginning with “XXX” have either not been submitted to or not approved by the PRC.  We will not be evaluating those projects for the TIP at this time.  Before they can be considered for programming in the TIP, they must first be submitted to the PRC using the MassDOT’s new MaPIT (MassDOT Project IntakeTool). The same is true of any new project not previously listed. In order to log-in to MaPIT each municipality needs to request a username and password from MassDOT. If you have not already done so, please contact Peter Frieri, Planning Engineer, MassDOT District One at 413-637-5767 or email peter.frieri@state.ma.us to request your login credentials.

We will need updated information for projects that are already programmed in the current TIP (except for 2018 projects), as well as for PRC-approved projects that are still on the supplemental list.  A blank TIP Project Data Form is enclosed. Copies of completed forms from last year, if any were received, are available upon request.  In accordance with the attached schedule, the updated Project Data Form must be submitted to us by February 2, 2018, but it is preferable that it be submitted sooner than that. 

The attached digital version of the form can be filled out and submitted electronically to akoirala@berkshireplanning.org or ckus@berkshireplanning.org .


It is very important that we receive the most recent and realistic budget estimates that your design engineer can provide at this time.  Please note that due to limited regional funding targets for highways, bridges and enhancements, the availability of TIP funds for any projects currently on the supplemental list is uncertain.  

Thank you for your cooperation with this TIP process.  If you have any questions or need any help with filling out the form, please call Anuja Koirala, Senior Transportation Planner (Ext. 18), or Clete Kus, Transportation Program Manager (Ext. 20).


Current TIP listing by location

Blank TIP Project Data Form

TIP Schedule