Community and Economic Development

District Local Technical Assistance - 2016

Working Cities Challenge Initiative Design Project

Pittsfield Grant Application Assistance - Berkshire Innovation Center

Western Mass Connect 2016

Economic Resiliency in the Northern Tier Program

District Local Technical Assistance - 2015

Regional Priority Development Fund Project

North Adams Distressed Properties

Scenic Byways of Western Mass Promotional Marketing Campaign

Peru Wind Energy Zoning Bylaw Revisions

District Local Technical Assistance - 2014

Becket - Community Development Block Grant

Becket - Senior Housing Planning Project

District Local Technical Assistance - 2013

Lee - Economic Development Fund

Community Planning

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Lee - Open Space and Recreation Plan

Richmond - Open Space and Recreation Plan

Dalton Master Plan

Stockbridge Sign Bylaw

Massachusetts Land Use Permitting Educational Handbook

Healthy Design - Complete Streets

RT 112 and Jacob's Ladder Trail Scenic Byways Trails Linkage Project

Richmond - Green Community Annual Report

Route 116 Corridor Management Plan

Tri-Town Health Department Mass In Motion Project

Hoosic River Revival Support

North Adams - Skate Park Assessment

North Adams - Outsource Planner

Richmond - Long Range Planning

Data & Information Services

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Adams - Outsource GIS Planner

Regional GIS Services

Regional GIS Services

Emergency Preparedness Planning

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Multi-Agency Coordination Center

Regional Shelter Planning

Regional Volunteer Training

Regional Shelter Training Research

Berkshire Hazard Mitigation Plan Expansion

Partnering For Emergency Preparedness With Faith Based Organizations Projects

Mass Receiving Planning Phase II

Public Outreach and Project Awareness

Berkshire Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Toxic Use Reduction Education

Homeland Security Planning

Mass Receiving Planning

Regional Shelter Planning Phase 3

Environmental & Energy Planning

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Berkshire Conservation Commission Training Program

Pipeline Technical Assistance to Communities

Dalton Stormwater Management

Pipeline Information

Pollution Source Reduction Grant

Stockbridge Bowl Management Project

Dalton - Stormwater Management Project

Public Health Program

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Berkshire Public Health Alliance

Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Pittsfield Healthy Housing for Healthy Aging

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planning - Volunteers

Increase Immunization Rates

Public Health Equipment

Toxic Use Reduction Education

Regional Sheltering Plan Medical Guides

Improve Food Safety

Tri-Town Health Department Mass In Motion Project

Partnering For Emergency Preparedness With Faith Based Organizations Projects

Regional Services

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Broadband Last Mile

Burn Permits

Transportation Planning

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Transportation Safety Initiatives

Sandisfield Procurement Assistance

Road Management Planning

Passenger Rail Station Location and Design Project