Berkshire County’s Top Health Official Tracking Regional Impacts With Lenox In COVID Red Zone

LENOX – The town of Lenox, Massachusetts was pushed into the Massachusetts Department of Health’s COVID-19 “red zone” designation last week with an average daily incidence rate of 38.4 per 100,000. It was the only Berkshire County community given that high-risk designation through mid-November, with around 30 active cases.

The rise is related to a rash of new cases at Kimball Farms Nursing Care Center, which reported 30 residents and six employees with COVID as of Sunday.

It’s not the only facility managed by Berkshire Healthcare to see a spike in cases, as Hillcrest Commons in Pittsfield reported 127 residents and 46 employees with the disease at the same time.

Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Public Health Program Manager Laura Kittross is Director of the Berkshire County Boards of Health Association as well as the Berkshire Public Health Alliance. Kittross spoke with WAMC about what the “red zone” designation means for Lenox and the county at large.

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