Berkshire MPO Public Review and Comment

The Berkshire MPO is seeking public comment on the following:

2024-2028 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment- An amendment (4th amendment) has been proposed for both the Highway and Transit Section of the TIP.

HIGHWAY: 1) Increase project funding for Project 609078: New Marlborough Keyes Hill Road bridge replacement project from $1,770,360 to $5,395,160 and change funding source from STBG-BR-Off to BROFF, 2) Remove Lee, Meadow Street bridge replacement project (607597) from FFY 2024 and program in FFY 2025, increase cost to $3,653,679 with On-System non-NHS NGBP funds.

TRANSIT: 1) Add BTRA Operating Assistance 5311 funds  (BRTA011862) – $448,646  and $448,646 in local funds, 2) add 5310 Funds for Gt. Barrington Type A Electric Vehicle (BRTA011844), $87,941 and $21,985 in local funds, 3) add GOBOND funding in the amount of $364,104 in FFY 2025 for the purchase of 3 TypeE2A Vans (BRTA011846) and 4) add GOBOND funds in the amount of $970,611 in FFY 2026 for the purchase of 5 low floor vans (BRTA011845).

Comments are due by 5:00 PM on July 17, 2024 and should be addressed to the Berkshire Metropolitan Planning Organization/BRPC, 1 Fenn Street, Suite 201, Pittsfield MA 01201 or via email to   The Berkshire MPO is tentatively scheduled to approve this amendment on July 23, 2024. This notice complies with the Berkshire Region MPO’s Public Participation Plan and satisfies the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority’s public participation process for the development of its Program of Projects.