Transportation Climate Initiative

Transportation Climate Initiative, TCI, is a collaboration of twelve states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region that are working to address the impacts of greenhouse gas emission that result from the transportation sector.  As part of this effort, Governor’s from the 12 states participating have prepared a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which develops the framework for a program that could invest up to $68 billion over the next ten years to address the climate crisis and other challenges facing transportation. The program being considered is a policy model known as cap and invest.  Cap and invest is a strategy designed to enforce limits on emissions from a broad range of sources and invest in programs that transition our economy away from fossil fuels.

BRPC staff have been monitoring this initiative beginning with the development of the draft MOU as a means to follow what is being proposed by this program and to determine how this might impact the Berkshires.  Transportation in rural areas is different than in urbanized areas; vehicle trips are longer, public transit is limited as are non-motorized transportation options.  We will continue to monitor the Transportation Climate Initiative to identify measures and strategies that will be effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, inform residents and elected officials about this initiative along with supporting measures that do not disproportionately impact rural area.

This page serves as a resource for links to information on TCI as well as  BRPC correspondence on program elements.