Census 2020

The Census Bureau has released the initial results from the 2020 Census. The official population for Berkshire County in 2020 was 129,026. This population represents a loss of 2,193 people since 2010 or -1.7%. The Census Bureau had estimated that the county’s population would drop to below 125,000, so the region did substantially better than estimated. Within the county, not all communities gained or lost equally. The town of Becket grew the most by adding 152 people, while Tyringham had the highest percentage growth at 30.6%. Pittsfield lost the most people at 810, while Washington had the highest percentage loss of -8.2%. An impressive 15 of our 32 communities added population over the last ten years.

Depending on where a community is in the county, they grew or shrank at different rates. Ten of the 12 towns in south county grew; however, only five of 20 central and north county communities grew. South county grew by 708 people or 3.7%; central county shrank by 1,508 people or 2.0%; and north county lost 1,393 people or 3.7%.

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Berkshire County also saw an increase in diversity. The county now is 84.7% Non-Hispanic White Alone, a decrease from 90.6% in 2010, or a reduction of 7,470 whites. The county continues to fall further behind the state in diversity, now at 67.6% non-white.

Being the largest community in the county, Pittsfield had the largest non-white population at 9,741 people or 22.2% of its population. The rural hilltowns throughout the county have a lower percentage of non-white than the more urban communities.

Over the coming months, additional data will be released by the Census Bureau, including age and seasonal housing unit count.