Foodborne Illness

CLICK HERE for the Berkshire County Foodborne Illness Dashboard

*Note: This dashboard contains information for municipalities served by the Berkshire Public Health Alliance: Adams, Becket, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Egremont, Florida, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, New Ashford, North Adams, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, Savoy, Washington, West Stockbridge, Williamstown & Windsor. Therefore it does not adequately reflect the total number of cases in Berkshire County.*

The summer heat increases the rate at which bacteria can multiply in food. Protect yourself and your family from norovirus and other foodborne illnesses by taking the following precautions:

  1. CLEAN: Wash hands often when preparing food and especially after every time you handle raw meat.
  2. SEPARATE: Keep raw food separate from cooked food. Use different cutting boards, plates, utensils, etc. for different types of food and keep meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs away from all other foods in your fridge.
  3. COOK: Use a food thermometer to ensure food is cooked thoroughly. Whole meats should be cooked to 145F, ground meats to 160F, and poultry to 165F.
  4. CHILL: Refrigerate and freeze perishable leftovers promptly.
  5. REPORT: Call your healthcare professional if you think you have food poisoning.

With barbecue season underway, don’t forget other crucial food safety steps, like marinating food in the fridge instead of on the counter and keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

CLICK HERE to visit the CDC page on food safety