Marijuana Delivery Update 2021

On November 30, 2020 the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) voted 3-1 in favor of creating two classes of adult-use marijuana delivery licenses. These regulations were promulgated on January 8, 2021. Previously, Marijuana Transporters were utilized to transport, temporarily store, sell, and distribute marijuana from one marijuana establishment (ME) or medical marijuana treatment center (MTC) to another. The newly enacted legislation permits the delivery of marijuana and marijuana products directly to the consumer’s residence.

The Marijuana Delivery-Only license application is currently available for applicants to fill out and submit. The Delivery-Only license has since been changed to “Marijuana Courier”, but the aspects of the license remain the same. The CCC anticipates the name change will be executed in the coming weeks. The Marijuana Delivery Operator is a new license that will allow entities to wholesale and warehouse marijuana products for delivery. The CCC also anticipates opening the application in the coming weeks.

Currently, applicants may become “pre-certified” for both licenses. This allows applicants to submit some portions of the Commission-application but does not require them to have a location or Host Community Agreement (HCA) at this stage. Cities and towns may enter into HCA’s either before or after pre-certification, if the parties so choose. Before submitting the full application, applicants will need to have a location and signed HCA.

For now, Delivery-Only licenses are limited, on an exclusive basis, to businesses controlled by and with majority ownership comprised of, Certified Economic Empowerment Priority Applicants or Social Equity Program Participants for a period of at least 24 months from the date the first Delivery-Only licensee receives a notice to commence operations.

The CCC has an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions posted on their website that provides clarity on the application process, requirements for pre-certification, application and license fees, along with the requirements of both Delivery-Only licensees and consumers. Please see the link below.