Berkshire Educational Resources K12

Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC) is providing support to Berkshire Educational Resources K12 (BERK12), which is working to develop and recommend solutions to the declining enrollments, rising operational costs, declining or flat municipal revenues, and reductions in the diversity and range of educational programs available to students across Berkshire County. The intent of BERK12 is to develop and recommend solutions to improve access, diversity, breadth, and quality of educational programs, create economies of scale through new collaborations, advance new investments in collaborative solutions, and maintain and honor the unique identity of each Berkshire community, and reflect age-appropriate social and learning practices. This project evolved from the former Berkshire Education Task Force. More information is available at

The BARR Foundation has awarded a grant to BRPC to support the BERK12 to build capacity, research, and support modeling.