Berkshire Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) planning process is an on-going regional economic development effort focused on identifying regional economic goals and objectives, identifying strategies for implementation, facilitating the implementation of those strategies and measuring progress in the region. The result of this ongoing planning process is the development of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the region and annual progress reports. The CEDS report and annual progress reports are sent to the Economic Development Administration (EDA) in order to maintain the region’s eligibility for EDA investments.

In 2011, the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, with assistance from a CEDS Committee developed the 2011 Berkshire CEDS to guide the future of economic development in region for the next five years. Since the adoption of the Berkshire CEDS in 2011 BRPC with assistance from the CEDS Committee has developed and submitted the required 2012 & 2013 Annual Performance Reports. Also during this time, the CEDS Committee has worked to implement the recommendations of the 2011 Berkshire CEDS, including exploring the feasibility and desirability of pursuing an EDA designated regional Economic Development District. 

According to EDA regulations, CEDS must be updated and revised every five years. Until 2016, the CEDS Committee is focused on facilitating the implementation of the strategies set forth in the 2011 Berkshire CEDS and reporting to EDA on the progress achieved in the region.

The CEDS Committee meets on a monthly basis and its meetings are open to the public.   

The current CEDS planning process is funded by a grant from the Economic Development Administration.

Staff Contact: Brian Domina (ext. 14) or