Berkshire MPO Transportation Plans Public Review & Comment

The Draft Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and the Draft Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) are available for public review.

The RTP is a long-range plan having a 20-year planning horizon and is updated every four years. The RTP serves as the County’s overarching transportation planning document and is required to ensure the region remains eligible to receive federal transportation funding. The RTP employs a systematic approach to evaluate the performance of the transportation system, to identify ‘needs’ or deficiencies in the system, and to develop solutions that best address any existing gaps.

Draft Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

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The Unified Planning Work Program is a one-year budget and planning document that lists the research projects, technical assistance, and other activities the Berkshire Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) staff will undertake over the next federal fiscal year.   The primary focus areas of the UPWP are safety, carbon reduction, complete streets, bicycle facilities, micro transit, and passenger rail.

Draft Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

Public comments on these plans must be submitted by 5 PM on July 18th to