Lee - Future Use of Stockbridge Road Parcel

Berkshire Regional Planning Commission will provide technical assistance to the Town of Lee to evaluate and plan for a town owned parcel along Stockbridge Road. This work would enable the town to comply with a recently awarded Best Practices Grant through the Commonwealths’ Community Compact Grant Program. The Town acquired 171 acres of land in 1993 along Stockbridge Road. Since that time, a portion of the land has been leased for agriculture but there has been no formal plan produced for the property. The Town would like to explore options for a more deliberate use of that land for such items as parks/outdoor recreation while continuing to use portions of the land for sustainable agriculture. BRPC will conduct an inventory and assessment of the land, involve residents and other community leaders and stakeholders to assess what recreational needs could be best met with this land, evaluate the land for the continued and sustained use of this property for natural resources and agriculture and provide recommendations to the town.