Sheffield-New Marlborough-Otis FY19 Community Development Block Grant

Berkshire Regional Planning Commission is currently administering a $1,265,368 FY19 CDBG Community Development Block Grant for the Town of Sheffield. The grant includes 3 activities, including a Housing Rehabilitation Program for the Towns of Sheffield, New Marlborough, and Otis, and 2 individual ABR design projects for Sheffield and New Marlborough. The grant application was written and submitted on behalf of the towns by BRPC Community & Economic Development staff and was awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. With a budget of $896,000, the housing rehabilitation program goal is to rehabilitate up to 20 homes across the three towns of Sheffield, New Marlborough, and Otis. Due to the age and presence of lead paint hazards in many of the homes in the 3 towns, the average cost per rehabilitation project is expected to be $40,000. The Sheffield Municipal Facilities ABR Design project will provide bid-ready specifications and designs eliminating architectural barriers to ADA access at the Sheffield Police Station, Library and Town Park. The New Marlborough Town Hall ABR Design project, with a separate designer selection process, will also provide designs and bid-ready specifications for a future construction project, in this case eliminating architectural barriers to handicap accessibility at the town hall. The New Marlborough Town Hall was built in 1908.