Featured Projects

Age Friendly Berkshires

Berkshire Flyer 2.0

Opioid Abuse Prevention

Community and Economic Development

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Becket FY17 Community Development Block Grant

Cheshire New Marlborough FY18 Community Development Block Grant

Lanesborough Economic Development Plan

Lenox - Cultural District Application

Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership Project

Shared Economic Development Planner

Sheffield-Great Barrington FY16 Community Development Block Grant

Community Planning

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Adams Economic Planner

Berkshire Mall Redevelopment Research

District Local Technical Assistance

Great Barrington Economic Planner

Lanesborough Economic Planner

Lenox Master Plan

North Adams Outdoor Theater Park

Pittsfield Open Space & Recreation Plan

Rest of River

Richmond Economic Planner

Data & Information Services

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Adams - Outsource GIS Planner

Berkshire Benchmarks

Emergency Preparedness Planning

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Adams Hazard Mitigation

Children in Disasters Phase II

Dalton Hazard Mitigation

Emergency Shelters for Special Populations

Hinsdale Hazard Mitigation

Lanesborough Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planning

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planning -  Berkshire Volunteers

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planning - Franklin Volunteers

Sheffield Hazard Mitigation

Environmental & Energy Planning

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Adams - Brownfields Assessment Project

Adams Outsource - Environmental and Energy

Bacterial Improvements in the Hoosic and Housatonic Rivers

Berkshire Brownfields Assessment Project

Dalton Stormwater Management

Farmers Market Promotion Program

Great Barrington Brownfields Assessment Project

Greylock Flume Inc. Brownfields Clean up

Lee - Brownfields Assessment Project

Municpal Energy Technical Assistance

North Adams Brownfields Assessment Project

Pittsfield - Brownfields Assessment

Pittsfield Stormwater Management

Stockbridge Bowl Management Plan Phase II - 319

Public Health Program

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Berkshire County Boards of Health Association (BCBOHA) Support Services

Berkshire HIV Engagement Program

Food Assessment

Health Boards Best Practices

Massachusetts Health Officers Association Technical Assistance

Opioid Abuse Prevention

Opioid Response in Rural Communities

Outdoor Recreation and Exercise Equipment

Regional Food Safety and Inspection

Regional Shelter Exercise

Senior Villiages

Regional Services

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Berkshire County Education Task Force

Transportation Planning

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Berkshire Bike Path Council

Berkshire Flyer 2.0

Berkshire Regional Transit Authority Assistance

Complete Streets Projects

Transportation Safety Initiatives