Dalton Hazard Mitigation

Dear Dalton Resident:


Thank you for your interest in the Dalton Hazard Mitigation Plan Update.  At this time the draft plan can be found in 3 different files, separated because of the size of the documents.  The Introduction sections gives you an overview of the purpose of the plan and begins to assess the risk of various natural hazards.  The second sections continue to assess risks and describes the mitigation strategy and action plan.  We are still updating this section and adding new information.  The third section are maps that show where in Dalton the areas of most concern are located.  We welcome your comments.  We are accepting public input through June 29, 2018. 


Comments on the draft plan can be submitted to Dan Filiault, Dalton Emergency Management Director, at EM@dalton-ma.gov, or to Lauren Gaherty, Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, at lgaherty@berkshireplanning.org.


Thank you for your interest.