BOH Job Aids

17.BOH Temp Food Permits & Non Profit Checklist_2023.10.30 20.BOH Risk-Based Food Inspections SOG_2023.10.21 61.BOH Heat Emergencies 2023.09.25 63.BOH Sheltering Checklist_2023.10.27The Board of Health Job Aids Initiative provides a comprehensive collection of resources to support Boards of Health in developing and maintaining their structure, policies & procedures, protocols, and operational standards. Please click on the links below to access files and resources to support your efforts.

1. BOH Foundation
2. BOH Structure
3.BOH Office
4.BOH Meetings
5.BOH Policies
6.BOH Scheduling
7.BOH Training Policy
8.BOH Permit Log
9.BOH Work Log
10.BOH Master Calendar
11.BOH Agent Master Calendar_2023.09.08
12.BOH Model Agenda
13.BOH Model Minutes
14.BOH Permitting Checklist by Type
15.BOH Active File Checklist
16.BOH Title 5 Property Transfer Checklist
17.BOH Temp Food Permits & Non Profit Checklist_2023.10.30
18.BOH Housing Permit Checklist
19.BOH Housing Issues Checklist

19a.BOH Application Temp Housing_2023.09.24
20.BOH Risk-Based Food Inspections SOG_2023.10.21
21.BOH Septic Well Plan Review Form
22.BOH Title 5 Transfer
23.BOH Septic-Well Tracking
24.BOH Food in Outbreaks
25.BOH Family Campgrounds Checklist
26.BOH Farmers Markets_2023.08.31
27.BOH Beaches Checklist
28.BOH Enforcement
29.BOH Childrens Camp Checklist
30.BOH Remote Food Inspections
31. BOH Rec Camp COVID Checklist
32. BOH COVID Employer-Staff Information
33.BCBOHA Business Emergency Planning
34.BOH Training Log
35.BCBOHA Core BOH Duties with Training MGL_2023.10.06
36. Staff Training Plan and Comprehensive Log
37.BOH Local Confidentiality Policy 2023.10.17
38.BOH Suggested Fee Schedules
39.BOH Kitchen Plan Review
41.BOH Standard 1 Policies
42.BOH Standard 2 Policies
43.BOH Standard 3 Policies
47.BOH Standard 7 Policies
49.BOH Standard 9 Policies
50.BOH Projects Tracking

53.BOH Local Regulations 2023.10.11

60.BOH Personal Protection Protocols 2023.09.11

61.BOH Heat Emergencies 2023.09.25

62 BOH Job Aid Volunteer Pocket Guide_2023.10.2

63.BOH Sheltering Checklist_2023.10.27

Alliance Standard 3 Training Policy